New CEO Annoucement

By on  22 / 03 / 2023

Blackwell’s Board of Directors is excited to announce the appointment of Brooke Guzar as the company’s inaugural CEO. Brooke comes into this pivotal position at an exciting time for Blackwell as we implement our current Governance Policy and invite new Principals into the leadership team.

Brooke Guzar is a highly experienced structural engineer with over 15 years of practice in various areas, including bridges, institutional buildings, sculptures, and custom residential work. She has experience leading multidisciplinary teams and is passionate about strategic planning, employee engagement, and effective project delivery.

“It’s a privilege to step up and serve a company I care deeply about,” Guzar says. “Blackwell is a community of incredibly creative professionals who are inspired by the projects we work on and teams we get to work with. We have a unique ability to shape the built world, and we do that with consistent care for our people, planet, and profession. As CEO, I will strive to enable Blackwell to achieve even greater success in fulfilling our passion for structural engineering and to support our collective drive towards excellence, learning, and belonging in all that we do.”

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