We’ve worked for hundreds of clients since our beginnings, and we owe our business to the relationships we’ve built as our company has grown. We can’t list all of our clients, but we can list those we have worked with since our early days, and those we are proud to call trusted partners in the industry.

The Late Barry Sampson
Baird Sampson Neuert Architects

I have had the privilege of working with Blackwell on an array of projects. This collaboration began with David Bowick almost two decades ago. I have continued to personally seek out consultations with him and other members of the firm when the architectural success of one of my projects depended on an inventive approach to structural engineering, whether in the form of exposed structure or related to building process. Blackwell is one of Canada's most creative and progressive engineering firms, dedicated to finding the most appropriate design solution to meet an individual project's design, budgetary context and cultural mission. In my experience, the firm consistently takes an active interest in the social as well as design contribution each project can make and focuses on how to achieve the best possible results. I recommend the structural engineering services of the firm without reservation.

Donald Chong

The dynamic personalities at Blackwell are the product of an honest, open-sourced and research-based design culture. They have ‘engineered’ for their firm an elegant and collaborative infrastructure that embodies the same sophistication, efficiency, fluidity and sustainability evident in their highly-regarded design approach.

Staff Team

Blackwell and MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects were both founded 30 years ago. We hardly knew when we embarked that we would be on a continuous and collective path as design partners, corporate roommates and good friends. We have enjoyed our close association, and we look forward to the next quarter century of collaboration.

Cindy Rendely
Cindy Rendely Architexture

To do great work, an architect needs a great team. Blackwell always brings to the team their extensive knowledge of construction, materials and building methods. More than that, they bring a level of passion and energy that so often helps to make our ideas even better. They share in our desire to do quality work at the highest level, and will engage in design discussions that go beyond the basic structural requirements of the project. That’s how we achieve great work with Blackwell.

Antonio Mancini
Director of Mission Critical Services, EllisDon

To develop an economical structure can be challenging. It is a pleasure to work with Blackwell, as they have a creative approach to finding structural solutions; their work focuses on innovation, efficient use of materials, economy and budget.

Ian MacDonald
IMA Architects

It is a great pleasure to give a testimonial of my experience of working with Blackwell, as the many ideas we’ve received from them have enabled us to do what we do. Dave Bowick is the person with whom we start each project, and his enthusiasm, capability and interest in developing conceptually clear structural ideas is most helpful, at the same time as it is fun. A clear idea is the fundamental building block of a good project, and clear ideas are required from all members of our team. By coming to terms with the development of such resolutions at the beginning of a project, other (seemingly unrelated) good things follow. Working with Dave and his team at Blackwell is one of the most pleasant and productive relationships we enjoy at ima.

Kyra Clarkson

I've engaged Blackwell on many residential projects, and they have provided me with an excellent level of attention throughout the design and construction process. I've really enjoyed our preliminary design meetings, which have assisted me in my design thinking, as well as the continuity of service through construction.

Peter Wall
M. Sullivan & Sons Limited

With (Blackwell's) help ... we overcame the obstacles we met to a
successful completion. Your apparent interest in the project (Canadore College Library) was demonstrated all the way through from start to finish...this was very appreciated from the General Contractors position and I would be glad to recommend Blackwell for any upcoming projects.

Milan Azanjac
Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.

I value everything that Blackwell has done to help us push (a) project forward...
Everyone from (Blackwell) that I have dealt with seems very professional, responsive and have provided excellent service. Compared to other structural engineering firms I have worked in the past you guys are on top.