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Blackwell has been providing structural engineering services to architects, developers and building owners since 1987. We excel at solving tough problems and achieving architectural vision, producing efficient structures supported by tight contract documents.

We offer full consulting engineering services on a broad spectrum of projects, from the new construction of university facilities, offices, retail buildings, medical centres, recreational and visitor centres, schools, libraries and religious institutions, custom homes for private owners, multi-residential and industrial buildings, as well as additions and alterations to existing structures, including those with designated heritage status.

Our mission is beauty through efficient structure.

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close Christian Bellini

Christian Bellini has worked for Blackwell since 1995, and during his tenure has designed many significant projects that have won numerous awards in both engineering and architecture. His extensive portfolio revolves around recreation centres, libraries, schools and other institutions designed for public use. Projects he has designed include the Centennial College Library and Administrative Facility, Brampton Soccer Centre, Artscape Wychwood Barns, Toronto Botanical Gardens, Regent Park Community Health Centre, Jackson-Triggs Estate Winery, Claude Watson School for the Arts, Maria A. Shchuka District Library, Agnes Etherington Arts Centre and Killbear Visitors Centre. He became an associate in 1998, a senior associate in 2004, and a principal of the company in 2008.

Christian is a licensed professional engineer in the province of Ontario, and volunteers on several executive committees of the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

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close J. David Bowick

David Bowick has received many industry honours since he began his career in 1990. His inventive approach to design has made him sought-after, particularly when a project calls for innovative solutions. He is a three-time recipient of the WoodWorks Building the Future engineer award, and has received awards for his work in wood, concrete and architectural steel. Dozens of projects he has worked on have been granted awards in the field of architecture, such as such as the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the French River Visitors Centre (both recipients of the Governor General’s Award).

An avid teacher, David is an adjunct professor in the Masters in Architecture program at the University of Toronto. He is a frequent guest speaker on the topics of architecture and engineering, and contributes to the industry through committees and events. His writing has appeared in several publications, including Concrete Toronto.

David is a licensed professional engineer in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and New Brunswick. He is a member of the Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee on CAN/CSA-O86, Engineering Design in Wood and a member of the Technical Committee responsible for the Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction.

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close Ethan Ghidoni

Ethan Ghidoni started his career as a carpenter and construction foreman in British Columbia, where he developed expertise in material technique and project delivery that he now applies in his work for Blackwell. After joining Blackwell in 2000, he became an associate of the firm in 2005, and a principal in 2008. Today, Ethan is in charge of our private residential practice, and has designed scores of original homes and cottages throughout Ontario and beyond. He also contributes significantly to non-residential projects—his portfolio includes Sir Sandford Fleming College, Ontario Mission for the Deaf Seniors’ Residence, Rock Community Church, Malvern District Library, 23 Division Police Station, Northview Community Centre, Fontainebleau Branch Library and Beaches Branch Library. Ethan is known for his work in projects using wood construction, as well as for the attention and diplomacy he brings to projects large and small.

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close Ian Mountfort

Ian Mountfort joined Blackwell in 1999, and became an associate in 2005 and a principal in 2008. He studied at McGill University in Montreal, where he obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in structural engineering. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, making him the only arts major on our leadership team. He brings a welcome perspective to all of our projects, and is focused on elegance and efficiency, as well as advances in building technologies. He has been responsible for the design of many notable projects including the St. James Town Community Centre, Weathering Steel House, Integral House, Southbrook Niagara Estate Winery and the St. Catharines Aquatic Centre. Ian’s work has received numerous awards, including three from the CISC for his work on steel-framed structures; he was the Principal in Charge of the York University Life Sciences building, which has won multiple awards for engineering innovation.

Ian is a licensed professional engineer in the province of Ontario. He also writes all of our haiku.

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close Cory Zurell

Cory graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1997, followed by a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Ottawa in 2004.

In the three years between his two degrees, Cory worked for Blackwell Engineering Limited as a structural designer, working on many notable projects including the Erindale Student Centre for the University of Toronto in Mississauga. After completing his doctorate, Cory returned to Blackwell, opening the Waterloo office, which he manages. He continues to represent the firm on some of our most prestigious projects, including the Canadian Customs Plaza at Fort Erie and the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo. Recently Cory has been leading Blackwell’s entry into bridge engineering focusing on innovative composite FRP-timber bridge structures.

Cory is a licensed professional engineer in the Province of Ontario and is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture. In addition he is a member of the ANSI/APA PRG 320 Standard committee for Cross-Laminated Timber, and a member of the Timber Bridge sub-committee for CSA S6, the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code.

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close Jeff Stephenson

For over 25 years, Jeff has acted as a managing principal or project
leader on a wide variety of structural engineering design and restoration
projects. He has a proven track record of successful project
management and team leadership, using technology, creativity and
knowledge of structural design to complete complex projects under
challenging building conditions and compressed construction schedules.

Jeff is experienced with the structural design of projects in all sectors,
particularly with commercial, institutional and recreation facilities. Some
examples of his work include The Telus Centre at 25 York Street, Toronto
South Detention Centre, The Rose Theatre in Brampton, AeroCentre
Phase V, St. Thomas Courthouse and the Queen Richmond Centre West,
winner of the 2015 ACEC Schreyer Award and Award of Excellence.

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close Pierre-Alexandre Koch

Expert in low-rise and mid-rise construction, Pierre-Alexandre Koch is our resident concrete specialist. He is responsible for the majority of our work on condominiums and other concrete structures including schools, mixed-use buildings, public institutions and elements of infrastructure. He was the principal in charge of the Thomas L. Wells Public School, Osgoode Hall Renovation, North Shore and Port Credit Village Condominiums, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario building and the Kelso/Glen Eden pedestrian bridge in Milton, among other projects. He became an associate of the firm in 2005 and a principal in 2008.

Pierre is a licensed professional engineer in the province of Ontario and a licensed member of the Quebec Order of Engineers.

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Our Team


Michael Feindel, M.Eng., P.Eng.

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Anthony Spick, P.Eng, LEED AP

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Tim Joyce, MASc, P.Eng.

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Michael Hopkins, AScT, LEED AP

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Jessica Costantin, P.Eng.

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Kim Sommers, Director of Finance

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Greg Sawka, P.Eng.

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Kenneth Cryer, BASc, LEED AP

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Kerry Zhang, P.Eng.

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Andrew Orel-Golla, BASc, P.Eng.

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Norris Cheng, BASc

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Renée Mackay-Lyons, MASc, P.Eng.

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Adam van Bruinessen, BASc

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Andrea Atkins, M.Arch. LEED AP

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Gabriela Nuta, M.Eng., P.Eng.

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Simon Rayment, BASc

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Sean Reinsma, BASc

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Kyle Sutton, BASc

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Alex Dason , M.Eng., P.Eng.

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Wesley Dodson, BIM

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Lucía Delacoste Griñó, MEng

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Tim Mills

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Kenzie MacDonald, BEng

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Greg Holowaty, P.Eng.

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Ross Spark, BASc, LEED AP

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Vincent Chu, BASc

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Brooke Guzar, BASc

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Zoe Hanneman, BASc

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Dorothy Pawluk, MASc Eng.

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Blake McCraw

IT Manager

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Olimpia DelDuca

Office Coordinator

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Jamie Townsend

BASc, Communications & Proposal Coordinator

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Colin Mates


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Danielle Orel-Golla

Administrative Assistant

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Alan Goodhoofd, P.Eng.

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Matthew van Riesen, P.Eng.

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David Vrljic, BASc

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Jordan Schneider, BASc

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Michael E. Robbins, MASc

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